Lebanese Director
Layal Rajha
Layal is a Lebanese Director holding a B.A. in Radio/T.V. and an M.A. in Journalism & PR from Notre Dame University. Layal is Married to the G.M. of Melody F.M. and Sawt El Ghad: Viny Roumy.

Layal has directed numerous Music Videos for Lebanese and Arab Singers.

She has recently released her first Lebanese Movie “Habbet Loulou”.
Lebanese Actress
Lilianne Nemri
Liliane is a renowned Lebanese actress and writer.

Born to Lebanese Actors Abdo Nemri and Alia Nemri, Lilianne spent her childhood with her parents on set. She later decided to carry on their same path.

Liliane is known for her comic roles, yet Liliane is also an excellent dramatic actress.
Lebanese Singer
Fadi Harb
In 1997,Fady Harb joined the faculty of law in the Lebanese University, and graduated with a degree in law, however he discontinued his career as a lawyer and chose the path of stardom.

2002 was a life-changing year for Fady when he joined the popular TV show “Studio El Fan” broadcasted on the Lebanese Broadcast Corporation (LBC). He won the silver medal for the Arabic folklore category.
In 2005, Fady Harb presented his first single “ Homma youmein “ the music video was directed by Tony Kahwaji

And in 2010 he released his first album "Mish Bass Bhibbik".
The hit that holds the album title" Mish Bass Bhibbik " was directed by Elie El Semaan.
“ By the end of this workshop, the students will make a 2-minute movie about one of the Parables told by Jesus. The movies will be posted on Facebook. After all the schools have completed their short films, the movie with the most ‘likes’ will win a prize! ”